"Better Days Are Coming" aLBUM
Doug Martin
Funk Jazz Release - July 4, 2020
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“Better Days Are Coming” is more than an album. It is one of those releases that leave a deep sign into the listener. Each track of this fantastic record is linked to the other, passing smoothly from one emotion to the other, carrying the listeners away, and leaving them in a dream-like state of mind. Starting from the opening track “In The Game,” we can feel the passion and energy that flows in Martin’s compositions. The strong rhythmic sections, together with his catchy riffs and engaging solo parts, perfectly match thanks to outstanding chemistry.
Nicola, Editor of Planet Singer Magazine

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"Thanks for coming up Doug. I really like your work. I will be in touch regarding other opportunities in the future." Brian Chandler, Entertainment Manager, Harrah's and Harveys Lake Tahoe.
I love what you do. Plus you are an easy fellow to work with. That scores big points for the tech crew. Once again, thanks for doing your thing with us in Sapphire. I hope we can work together again in the future.
Nick Brill, Harrah’s Reno Entertainment Technical Supervisor
"Thanks Doug, I really do appreciate all of your hard work. I will keep you at the top of my list for entertainment needs. Thank you so much." 
Jose Cortez, Marketing Director, Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort
Writing music is not only a profession; for many artists is something natural, just like breathing. It is quite rare to find musicians with such a deep connection with their music, and it is thanks to artists like Doug Martin that we can still listen to authentic gems of Jazz, enriched with influences from different styles such as blues, soul, and R&B. In the overcrowded and frenetic nowadays music scene, finding artists like Martin, who can frame emotions and real-life experiences with their music, is like taking a big breath of fresh air after a long, busy day! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his album “Better Days Are Coming,” a collection of eighteen tracks that will engage with the listeners from the very first second to the last one!
Nicola, Editor of Planet Singer Magazine
Doug Martin is a talented musician, composer, songwriter, and outstanding guitarist. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and moved with his family to Compton, California, when he was just three, he grew up feeding his passion for music, absorbing the influence of many genres. The love for music, the guitar lessons from a very early age, and the vivid musical skills helped him shape his sound to the unique and groovy style we can appreciate in his projects. Doug’s music career is outstanding, he counts an infinite number of collaborations and projects, and with his latest album, he signs a new milestone in his brilliant musical journey! 
Nicola, Editor of Planet Singer Magazine

Need live music? Add the ambiance of live smooth jazz guitar for your next event. Doug's solo performances are self contained with background tracks


Customer Reviews

Great production! Definitly looking forward to hearing more tracks like this

Dexter Cooper 

That's a fantastically fun beat. Great synths too. I really love it 


I am falling in love with your music.
This song is a masterpiece .THIS IS MIND BLOWING!!!

Robinson Sarah

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